PREDICT YOUR FUTURE – A unique method of XXI century.


 Experience and live tomorrow, predict your own future – now it is already possible !

 In the evening, when you are planning to go to bed, starts the practical realisation of the unique method. Leave all your thoughts about problems and haste of the past day, calm down, choose a comfortable position for a sleep. It would be perfect if nobody and nothing would disturb you (the best situation if you are alone), calmly and slowly try to concentrate on this method.

 I would describe my actions if I would be on your place . . . , it would be easier to understand . . .

 Please, read as slowly as possible . . .

 Does anything disturb me ? No ! Do I feel uncomfortable ? . . . , already yes !

 I close my eyes.

 I start to observe tomorrow mentally, right here right now using the thoughts, which are based on my everyday reality. Now I opened my eyes . . ., try to observe a splendid picture, which my imagination has drawn. I see that there is no light in the room and I remember it. I got up, starred at the window trying to see what is happening down on the street. My imagination shows me, that it is raining hard. I remember it as the situation on the street. I got up, catching myself on the idea, that I want to wear something new. I put on my clothes, remember the way how I did it again. Next steps you are doing the same using this method till the last minute before you are going to bed tomorrow.

 Try not to dream ! Wait for a little, something would automatically create a situation around you.

 It is a key ! In the first steps it would be quite hard for you to free your mind, "to let it in a free journey", but it would end soon, and after a plenty of such planning actions, all your next day will show you the picture, that you have drawn in your imagination. You just close your eyes in the evening and imagine, that you will open them tomorrow, the necessary information will make all other work!

 But don`t try to struggle, it is very important ! Observe and remember ! Hear and remember ! I merely hope that you have understood the truth. This method is really unique, it stimulates your extraordinary abilities, which human civilization has lost during its` evolution. Start practicing and you will become a master of your own destiny!

 I don`t trust in predictions, don`t trust in cards, horoscopes, wizards и witches, I don`t trust in them !

 I trust only myself, I believe that my thinking and my sense of extraordinary abilities have appeared due to my gift.

 I hope that you would believe only yourself very soon ! Only you now about your future ! It is your gift !

 Best wishes in future.